Make Magic Happen

Protection For Your Car That Is Tough As Shell

Make Magic Happen

Protection For Your Car That Is Tough As Shell

Tough As Shell

The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to shine and seal your car's paint, glass, trim, and rims for months. It creates a layer of protection that is simply Tough as Shell.

Yes, it also passes the torture test.

The Super Soaper

This is exactly what a car soap solution should be. Every time you touch your car, you run the risk of scratching and marring the paint, yet no one has ever thought to make an effective car soap potion that allows you to wash without touching the car and without damaging those delicate surfaces around it.

Jimbo’s Super Soaper is a simple soap solution that achieves this exact thing. With an amazing pH of 8.5, this industry-first soap is one of a kind. Safe on ALL surfaces, safe in direct sunlight, and highly effective at cleaning ALL surfaces so quickly, you’ll start to think you're a magician.

Pure Magic Cleaner

It’s pure magic in a bottle. It tackles dirt that has been stuck on a surface forever, grime, water spots, mineral build up and even unclogs ceramic coatings.

It works on paint, glass, trim, in a foam cannon (yes, it foams too) as a standalone cleaner or as a booster for your favorite soap.

It's not just a cleaner - it's a performer; it makes magic happen right in front of your eyes.

All Dressed Up

The icing on the cake, the cherry on top, the final touch. It has many expressions, but one thing is for sure: when you add a silky smooth dressing to a surface, it makes it look all dressed up.

Even if you have nowhere to go, putting the final dressing on a car makes the detail look completed.

Water-based, highly dilutable, with UV protection included.