Uncommon name, uncommon results. 

I'm stoked to have you join us on this incredible journey through the world of car cleaning & detailing! My story began back in 2008, when I embarked on an exciting adventure into the detailing industry by starting Jimbo's Auto Detailing. At that time, being 18, fed up with my job at a restaurant and night school, I started my own mobile detailing business, armed with a passion for business, cars and a desire to bring out their true beauty.

As I rolled up to my very first customer's driveway (which was my girlfriends parents house), armed with a newly acquired mobile detailing trailer, buckets, brushes, and an unwavering commitment to clean whatever was in front of me, little did I know that this humble beginning would mark the inception of something truly remarkable.

The mobile detailing business allowed me to get up close and personal not only with cars of all shapes and sizes, each with its own unique story to tell and with, but also with the owners of these cars who also had stories to tell. 

Over the years...

I honed my skills, learned the nuances of automotive detailing, and, most importantly, listened to the tales and experiences of countless car enthusiasts and professionals I met along the way.

I had unbelievable opportunities to be around awesome cars, awesome people and learn so many lessons about life and detailing. These conversations ignited a fire within me. I realized that there was a wealth of knowledge, insights, and stories within the world of automotive detailing waiting to be shared. It also gave me the opportunity to find which products worked, which ones didn't and how I needed a product to perform in many, many different conditions. 

Along the way I was offered jobs, positions and consulting gigs with local toll blenders to help them start their own detailing product lines. I consulted with the most recognized brand in car care, Turtle Wax, to help them revive a brand by helping develop and test new products to help them elevate that brand to new heights. All the while maintaining my detailing business as my own personal "testing grounds". 

The social media experiment

Fast forward to today, and Jimbo's Detailing & the Auto Detailing Podcast have evolved into the foremost destination for all things automotive detailing. With simple products that are easy to use, work under any condition and most importantly deliver on the claims made on the back of the label. With the podcast each episode & video we bring you into the heart of this fascinating world, sharing not only the intricacies of the craft but also the incredible journeys of those who are just as passionate about it as I am.

Jimbo's Detailing has transitioned from a mobile detailing business to shop based detailing and now to a product brand that delivers unparalleled products. 

To the future!

As we navigate this journey together, I encourage you to reach out, share your own experiences, send in product recommendations and most importantly experience what I think are the greatest products on earth. 

Thank you for being part of the Jimbo's Detailing family. Here's to many more years of exploring, learning, and celebrating the beauty of automobiles, one product at a time. 

- Jimbo

p.s. If you're looking for my favorite product - check out Tough As Shell, a ceramic spray coating.