16oz 1 Gallon


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16oz 1 Gallon

The foamiest, most effortless, hassle-free car soap potion you've ever tried.


How Does It Work?

This is exactly what a car soap solution should be. Every time you touch your car, you run the risk of scratching and marring the paint, yet no one has ever thought to make an effective car soap potion that allows you to wash without touching the car and without damaging those delicate surfaces around it.

Jimbo’s Super Soaper is a simple soap solution that achieves this exact thing. With an amazing pH of 8.5, this industry-first soap is one of a kind. Safe on ALL surfaces, safe in direct sunlight, and highly effective at cleaning ALL surfaces so quickly, you’ll start to think you're a magician.

The Super Soaper can be used as a touchless or a “touch it less” soap, depending on how dirty your car, Truck, ATV, RV, etc. is.


How Do You Use It?

Always make sure the surface is cool to the touch before using. You can use it in direct sunlight or in the shade. I prefer to use a foam cannon and foam the car when it is dry. If you have heavy mud or other buildup, I recommend pre-treating that with a foamer at a 1 oz to 1 gallon dilution. The Super Soaper can also be used in a bucket wash or rinseless wash with 1 oz of soap per gallon of water.

If using a foam cannon, foam the car and let the foam work its magic for 3-5 minutes, allowing it to dwell for as long as possible without fully drying on the surface. Rinse away the foam to reveal the clean surface beneath.


Is It Dilutable? 


Foam Cannon: 4oz of soap per 32 oz of water 

Pre-Treatment / Bucket Wash:  1oz of soap per gallon of water 

Adjust accordingly to your needs; the more soap, the better and more powerful the cleaning

Can It Replace My Regular Car Wash Soap? 

Yes, this was designed to be used as a maintenance soap. It’s unique in the fact that it actually cleans your car without you having to scrub it, letting the soap do the work instead of you.

Throw out your outdated soaps of yesteryear and get with The Super Soaper!


Will It Strip My Wax, Ceramic Coating Or Sealant? 

No, it will not. Again, this soap is truly unique and was designed with this in mind. The soap attacks dirt, grime, road film, and buildup, not the protection.  We could have probably come up with a super scientific technology name for this, but we're more into simple products that get the job done. If you want over-complicated ways to wash your car, you can go to YouTube and find plenty of that.

Is The Super Soaper Safe On ALL SURFACES? 

This soap is SAFE on ALL surfaces and can replace your traditional soap to be used as a maintenance soap without stripping waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings. 


Can I Use This On My Dog?

For the love of your dog, please do not use it on them or on yourself.

How Was This Soap Developed? 

Glad you asked. I did the whole thing on Youtube: 

Video #1:

Video #2:

Video #3:

Video #4:

Video #5:




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