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16oz 1 Gallon

The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to shine and seal your car's paint, glass, trim, and rims for months. It creates a layer of protection that is simply hard as shell. It's a water-based microemulsion formula that creates relentless water beading and keeps your car looking shinier and cleaner for longer (we say 6+ months of protection), but we also use it more often because we like shiny cars. In just a few minutes, you can shine and seal your entire car! Walk away knowing your car now has a layer that is tough as shell.

Combined-release system curing allows for instant curing and full cure after 24 hours. It can be layered and exposed to water right away! 

How Does It Protect?

Microscopic ninjas fill in the pores of the paintwork, and when dirt and contaminants try to land on it, they fight them off!

Not really, but that would be cool!

It's a unique 'micro-emulsion', which just means really, really small particles of 'protectant stuff' fill in the pores of the paintwork, creating a web-like matrix of protection on the surface. It also offers a ton of UV protection. 

Combined with other 'special stuff', it bonds and sticks to the paint really well, creating an invisible layer between the outside elements and the surface of your car.

What this means in the real world is that your car will look cleaner for longer, and when you wash it (or have someone else wash it), it will be much easier, and the water will bead up like you've never seen before.

This Ain't Your Grandpas Wax

This stuff is jam-packed with the latest tech.

I know everyone says that, but honestly, it's true. It's not your grandpa's wax of yesteryear.

This is a water-based, highly reactive formula that's super easy to use and delivers incredible results. Your arms are not going to hurt after you use this.

In fact, it should only take you a few minutes to apply this to the entire car. Full cure is within 24 hours. 


Does It Streak?

The simple answer is - NO.

No one likes a streaker - or do they?!

If you start getting streaks, it means that your towel is oversaturated, and you need to either flip it around or get a fresh new towel. Using a plush microfiber towel will help a lot with this.

This is also a highly concentrated formula, you won't need to use as much as other products you're used to.



How long does it last?  

We say 6+ months. I've seen it go much longer, but 'under-promise and over-deliver' is my motto.

Does it offer UV protection?  

With clear coats as thin as they are these days I personally never want anyone rolling around without protection on their cars surfaces. Yes UV protection is included in Hard As Shell!

Can it be layered? 

Yes, I use this on my cars after almost every wash. You can also use it on top of an existing ceramic coating. Every few months or after a really nasty storm I like to mix Pure Magic Cleaner into my foam cannon and do a strip wash and then reapply Tough As Shell. See the video:


Can it pass a torture test? 

Yes of course - I fully expect others to torture test the crap out of it. I did it first to make sure it will pass.

Can it be used as a drying aid?

Yes - you can use a few sprays per panel before you dry your car to add an extra layer of protection. It goes on smooth and does not streak! 

What is the cure time? 

Jimbo's Tough as Shell features what I like to call a "combined-release system". What this means is that it cures instantly and continues to fully cure after 24 hours. Unlike other ceramic sprays It can be exposed to rain and washing instantly, but will also continue to fully cure for 24 hours after application. This also means that you can layer it on top of itself right away as well.

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