16oz 1 Gallon


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16oz 1 Gallon

Pure magic in a bottle! It tackles dirt that's been stuck on a surface forever, grime, water spots, mineral build up and even unclogs ceramic coatings. It works on paint, glass, trim, in a foam cannon (yes, it foams too) as a standalone cleaner or as a booster for your favorite soap. It's not just a cleaner - it's a performer; it makes magic happen right in front of your eyes. DO NOT USE ON INTERIORS - we have something else for that. Enjoy this magical potion and get the surface clean, clean.


How Does It Work?

We can't tell you - it's magic. Have you ever seen those shows that give you a behind-the-scenes look at how the magician does their trick? Once you see it, you can't unsee it. It ruins the fun and the magic.

OK, fine, we will tell you our secrets. When applied to the affected area, little tiny worker-bees rush to the pores of the paint and begin the work of removing the junk from the pores. 'Contaminants,' whether they be water spots, dirt, grime, fallout, or anything else, are simply embedding themselves into the surface. Those contaminants don't want to move; they like being in their little holes within the pores of the paint. This is where the magic comes in: the worker bees use specialized bait to get those contaminants out of their holes.

What this means in the real world is that you can easily and effectively use one product for multiple purposes. From boosting your existing car wash soap to removing the toughest water spots, eliminating paint contaminants, or cleaning nasty rims - that's what makes this product magical. Let the worker-bees do the heavy lifting, and you get to sit back and look like the hero!


What Makes This Product Different

We care about people and materials.

Most other 'acids' are extremely harsh to materials, environments, and people.

I set out to design a safer acid, one that would still perform and do the job that needs to be done, but not at the expense of people, the material it was being applied to, or the environment. I also didn't want it to make you feel like you were going to pass out after spraying it.

But could this even be done? I wasn't sure it could be. But after multiple iterations, we landed on the Pure Magic Cleaner - a name fitting for the first of its kind of product!

Be safe and don't settle for harsh hydrofluoric acids - opt for the Pure Magic Cleaner instead.


Does It Work On Ceramic Coatings?

The simple answer is - Yes.

It will remove hard water spots from the coating without damaging the coating underneath.

It can also be used to 'unclog' a ceramic coating that may have been bogged down by elements.

You can use this in a foam cannon or as a soap booster, too.

This is also a highly concentrated formula; you won't need to use as much as you would with other products you're used to.



How To Use Pure Magic Cleaner?

Do not use on interiors, polished aluminum or anodized wheels,
or engines.

Always make sure the surface is cool to the touch before using. Test an inconspicuous spot before going all in with the magic.

For the most magic possible, after testing compatibility, spray it all over the issue and let it soak in for 30-60 seconds, then wipe or rinse away. For the really tough stuff, you can let it work its magic additional times and let it dwell on the surface for a little longer, just do not
allow it to dry on the surface.

Boost Your Car Wash Soap! 

More Foam, More Cleaning. Check out this video:






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